ACT Study


English: General Information

English Test: What’s on the exam?5 mins

Conventions: Punctuation

Reading Test: What does it look like?3 mins
Apostrophes8 mins
Commas (I): listing commas and joining commas10 mins
Commas (II): gapping commas and bracketing commas9 mins
Dashes, Colons, and Semi Colons10 mins
Other Punctuation8 mins
Multiple Punctuation Questions5 mins
When NOT to Use Punctuation6 mins

Conventions: Usage

Adjectives13 mins
Adverbs8 mins
Appositives5 mins
Nouns6 mins
Prepositions4 mins
Pronouns13 mins
Verbs9 mins

Conventions: Sentence Structure

Clauses: independent vs. dependent9 mins
Clauses: relative vs. noun13 mins
Sentence Structure12 mins
Parallel Structure4 mins
Phrases (I): absolute phrases, gerund phrases, and infinitive phrases9 mins
Phrases (II): participial phrases, prepositional  phrases, collocations, fixed expressions and idioms12 mins

Production of Writing

Opening, Transitional & Closing Sentences11 mins
Reordering Sentences and Paragraphs7 mins
Splitting Paragraphs8 mins
Adding & Deleting Information13 mins
Passage Goals12 mins

Knowledge of Language

Commonly confused words3 mins
Concision and Precision7 mins
Dealing with synonyms5 mins
Dealing with meaning, style, and tone5 mins
Word Choice: Discourse Markers6 mins
List of Discourse Markers4 mins
Word Choice: Meanings, Synonyms and Antonyms5 mins
Word Choice: Specific Meaning or Purpose5 mins


Reading: General Information

Reading Test: What does it test?3 mins
Reading: What are the passage types?4 mins
Reading test: Tips and Strategies4 mins

Content Questions

Determining Explicit Ideas
Determining Implicit Ideas6 mins
Summing Up6 mins
Interpreting Meaning6 mins
Main Ideas7 mins
Making in-text Comparisons7 mins
Text Response8 mins
Chronological Order8 mins

Text Questions

Analyzing Purpose8 mins
Words in Context7 mins
Analyzing Function7 mins
Analyzing Rhetorical Method, Style and Tone10 mins
Point of View10 mins
Looking at Relationships9 mins
Organization of Text9 mins
Editorial Effects9 mins

Analysis Questions

Textual Evidence9 mins
Applying information9 mins
Comparing Texts9 mins


Math Strategy

Does Question Number Relate to Question Difficulty?5 mins


Multiples, Factors, and Prime Numbers3 mins
Statistics5 mins
Exponents, Roots, and Logarithms3 mins

Elementary Algebra

Substitution2 mins
Writing Expressions2 mins
An advanced tactic for writing expressions3 mins
Inequalities3 mins

Intermediate Algebra

Solving Equations5 mins
Solving Equations (Basic)3 mins
Solving Equations (Advanced)3 mins
Functions2 mins
Matrices (Basic)6 mins
Matrices (Advanced)4 mins

Coordinate Geometry

Number Lines and Inequalities3 mins
The (x,y) Coordinate Plane2 mins
Slope2 mins
Graphing Equation4 mins
Mastering The Concept of Slope3 mins

Plane Geometry

Angles3 mins
Triangles3 mins
Polygons4 mins
Circles3 mins
Simple 3-D Geometry3 mins


Sine, Cosine, & Tangent2 mins
Solving Triangles3 mins
Trigonometric Graphs4 mins


Science: General Information

Overview of the ACT Science Section3 mins

Information Identification Questions

Introduction to Information Identification Questions2 mins
Finding a Data Point4 mins
Determining Maximum, Minimum, and Average5 mins
Finding Trends4 mins
Understanding Passages3 mins
Finding In-line Data3 mins
Reading Graphical Data5 mins

Graphics & Datasets Questions

Understanding Multiple Dataset Questions (I)5 mins
Understanding Multiple Dataset Questions (II)5 mins
Understanding Graphics Related Questions (I)5 mins
Understanding Graphics Related Questions (II)5 mins

Secondary Reasoning Questions

Understanding Calculation Questions5 mins
Introduction to Secondary Reasoning Questions2 mins
Understanding General Inference Questions3 mins
Understanding New Information Questions4 mins
Understanding Supporting & Contradicting Claims2 mins
Understanding Outside Knowledge Questions3 mins
Understanding In-line Data4 mins